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What’s New Autocad Tutorial PDF 

AutoCAD Tutorial pdf 2012 introduces new features along with continued enhancements to existing capabilities. You will notice the following differences in Applying AutoCAD 2010:
• Further refi nements to the user interface. The arrangement of tabs, panels, and buttons on the Ribbon has improved, allowing for faster, more intuitive modeling–particularly in the 3D Modeling workspace.
• An entirely new 3D object, the 3D mesh, which allows users to create models with smooth, fl owing geometry in 3D space. When mesh modeling is combined with surface modeling and solid modeling, AutoCAD users now have more power and freedom to design in three dimensions than ever before.
• New tools for working with solid primitives and mesh primitives. Subobject fi lters and gizmo tools make it much easier to select and modify any face, edge, or vertex of a primitive.
• Dynamic blocks are easier to author and edit, with new procedures and on-screen icons.
Autocad Tutorial PDF  in 2012

 When you work with AutoCAD Tutorial Pdf , there will be times when you want to review the contents of a folder or delete, rename, copy, or move fi les. This chapter gives you practice in using these functions. The chapter also discusses commands that attempt to repair drawing fi les containing errors.

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Autodesk inventor... pretty much industry standard, but it is big bucks. (students can use it free for one year). solidworks is another

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