Using Autocad 2012 Tutorials Pdf

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Introduction  Using Autocad 2012 Tutorial Pdf

With more than four million users around the world, AutoCAD offers engineers, architects, drafters, interior designers, and many others, a fast, accurate, and versatile drafting and modeling tool. Now in its 18th edition, Using AutoCAD 2012 PDF makes using AutoCAD a snap, by presenting easy-tomaster, step-by-step tutorials covering AutoCAD’s commands.


AutoCAD is efficient and versatile for creating drawings. Some of its advantages include the following:
Accuracy — AutoCAD drawings are created and plotted to an accuracy of up to fourteen digits.
Speed — AutoCAD operators can easily copy and array objects, and otherwise edit the drawing. When operators customize the system for specific tasks, the speed of work increases even more markedly.
Consistency — AutoCAD is consistent in its methodology, and so the problem of individual style is eliminated. Companies can have a number of drafters working on the same project and produce a consistent set of drawings, when they follow established CAD standards.
— AutoCAD is the most popular software for creating and editing drawings. After learning to use AutoCAD, students are more likely to be hired; firms that use AutoCAD are likewise more likely to find suitable new employees.
Using Autocad 2012 Tutorials Pdf

GET Using Autocad 2012 Tutorials Pdf APPLICATIONS

AutoCAD Tutorials is being applied to many industries. The flexibility of this software has a major impact on how tasks are performed in architecture, engineering, interior design, manufacturing, mapping, piping design, and entertainment. A brief discussion of each of these applications follows. Architecture

CAD allows architects to formulate designs in a shorter period of time than by traditional techniques. The work is neater and more uniform. The designer can use 3D modeling to help the client better visualize the finished design. Changes can be made and resubmitted in a very short time. Architects can assemble construction drawings using stored details.

AutoCAD’s database allows architects to extract information from the drawings, perform cost estimates, and prepare bills of materials. Many third-party applications help architects customize AutoCAD for their discipline. Software is available for doing quick 3D conceptual designs, providing building details, generating automatic stairs, and much more.

Revit Autodesk promotes its Revit product as the future of architectural design. Architects create the building in 3D, and then let Revit generate 2D section views. Worksets allow team members to work together on the same model, fully coordinating their work. Detailed graphic control and view-specific graphics permit drawings to show more or fewer details.

The software can be configured to office standards for graphic style, data and layer export, as well
as to additional drafting and CAD standards. The software package includes thousands of building
components, and can output its data to ODBC-compliant databases.

AutoCAD Tutorial pdf Architecture

Autodesk has an AutoCAD add-on called Architecture (formerly Architectural Desktop), which customizes AutoCAD for architectural design. Its Content Browser accesses catalogs, tool palettes, and design content in the form of blocks and multiview blocks. With direct manipulation, you can modify designs directly, using either grip manipulation or in-place object editing. Materials provide graphic and nongraphic attributes for design, documentation, and visualization. You can attach materials to building model objects and to their respective components for greater visual detail.

Scheduling allows tracking of any object in drawings. Because schedules are linked to data, they automatically update as the design changes. You can create schedule tables, objects tagged through xrefs, and schedules of external drawings. Third-party developers have add-on software for roadway design, digital terrain modeling, and more.


AutoCAD displays your drawings on the screen of your computer’s monitor. All the additions and changes to your drawing are shown on the screen as you perform them. You can work with one or more monitors, placing the drawing on the main monitor and tool palettes on the secondary monitors. Drawings are made up of 2D objects, such as lines, arcs, circles, text, as well as 3D objects, such as boxes, cylinders, and tori.
You place objects in drawings by entering commands and selecting options. You issue commands by several methods: typing the names of commands on the keyboard, selecting icons from the ribbon, or choosing options from floating palettes. Some commands start automatically when you double-click objects in drawings.

Once a command starts, you are often asked to choose among its options. After you identify all the
information that AutoCAD requests, the new objects, or changes to objects, are shown on the screen.
If you need additional help, refer to Appendix B, “AutoCAD Command Summary.” TERMINOLOGY

To use AutoCAD properly, this book contains terms and concepts that you need to understand. Some
of the terms are explained briefly in this chapter. In addition, you may consult the index, which contains many terms.


AutoCAD uses the Cartesian coordinate system. The horizontal is represented by the x axis; the vertical,
by the y axis. Any point on the plane can be represented by an x and y value shown in the form of x, y. For example 2,10 represents a point 2 units in the x direction and 10 units in the y direction. The origin of the x and y axes is the 0,0 point. This point is normally at the lower left corner of the screen. You can, however, specify a different point for the lower left corner. When AutoCAD works with 3D (three-dimensional) drawings, the third axis is called the “z axis,” which normally points out of the screen at you.

Drawing Using Autocad 2012 Tutorials Pdf  Files

Drawing files contain the information used to store the objects you draft. Drawing files automatically have the file extension of .dwg added to them.

Donwload Using Autocad 2012 Tutorials Pdf


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