Mastering AutoCAD 2010 MEP Tutorial Pdf

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General Autocad MEP Overview.Mastering AutoCAD 2010 MEP Tutorial Pdf

This Quick Start provides a simple tutorial designed to give you a quick tour of some of the most common objects and features of AutoCAD MEP (AMEP). You should be able to complete the entire exercise in about 45 minutes. Detailed explanations will be saved for later chapters with references to the same made throughout. Think of this tutorial as a “warm-up” exercise. At the completion of this tutorial, you will have experienced a firsthand look at what the software has to offer.

• Experience an overview of the software.
• Create your first AutoCAD MEP project.
• Receive a firsthand glimpse at many AutoCAD MEP tools and methods.


Mastering AutoCAD 2010 MEP Tutorial Pdf
Let’s get started using AMEP right away. For the next several minutes, we will take a whirlwind tour of the AMEP tool set. All of the tools covered in the following steps use default AutoCAD MEP settings. The chapters that follow cover each of these items and settings in detail. This book was authored using Microsoft Windows Vista Business 32bit; however, you can use Windows XP or the 64bit version of either OS with equal success. Basic AutoCAD knowledge is assumed.

When you work in AMEP, you will often work in a “project” environment. Projects in AMEP consist of a collection of AutoCAD drawings grouped together in a predefined framework. Companion files accompanying each drawing define certain relationships and properties that help tie the files together. It is not necessary to work in the Project Navigator environment to use AutoCAD MEP, however, it is considered best practice, and many more benefits of the software can be realized by doing so. All tutorials in this book will use the Project Navigator environment unless noted otherwise.

In general, a Project Navigator project contains four different kinds of drawing files: Elements, Constructs, Views, and Sheets. The Project Navigator system makes use of AutoCAD External References (XREF) to link the various files together into a complete whole. Elements and Constructs generally contain building elements like Walls, Doors, Ducts, and Pipes. Views are typically used to compose several Constructs together via XREFs for the purpose of conveying specific information and producing a particular kind of deliverable. You may compile a mechanical floor plan view, for example, that contains Constructs from the Architect and the Mechanical Engineer. Additional notes or other specific information can be added to this view file before it is brought to a sheet. Sheets contain title blocks and are used for plotting out document sets. For more information on Project Navigator, please refer to Chapter 3.
Constructs are parts of a virtual building model. They can be used to provide the framework for other files. Views are typically built with a more specific purpose in mind. For example, separate Views are often created for each floor plan, elevation, section and schedule you require in your project. There are many reasons for this which are covered in detail in Chapter 3. One common reason is that by having separate Views, file and layer management become simpler. You can also facilitate multiple users working
simultaneously in the same project more easily with View files. Feel free to click the View tab and look around, but for now it is not necessary to open any files.

This section introduces the methodology of AutoCAD MEP 2010 pdf. Many concepts will be familiar to the seasoned AutoCAD user; many concepts will be new. If you are a current AutoCAD user, skim through this section looking for concepts unique to AutoCAD MEP (AMEP), particularly in Chapter 2.
If you do not have AutoCAD experience, please read this entire section. Many basic AutoCADskills are assumed (please see the Preface for details), therefore, it may also benefit you to complete some basic AutoCAD tutorials prior to reading this section.

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