Autocad Tutorials For Beginners With Video

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Author Traning Autocad Tutorial with level beginners by Jeff Bartels.

Jeff Bartels has been using AutoCAD Tutorials Professionally since the program was a DOS-based application. As the CAD manager of a civil engineering firm in Illinois, Jeff is responsible for the production and oversight of large-scale subdivision plans and construction drawings, and the installation and configuration of AutoCAD.

He conducts weekly training workshops to ensure his CAD staff is current with the latest software. Jeff is a faculty member at two different colleges, where he teaches advanced AutoCAD courses. He is known for always giving 110 percent in the classroom, as well as for his ability to make complex concepts easy to understand. He provides on-site AutoCAD training for several businesses and schools, and produces training materials to help high school and college instructors teach AutoCAD in their classrooms.

Jeff is a regular instructor at the annual Illinois Drafting Educators Association conferences, where he consistently receives high marks for his seminars. When Jeff isn't at work or in the classroom, he enjoys spending time at home with his family. He is desperately trying to stay ahead of his children in Guitar Hero.

Autocad Tutorials For Beginners With Video

Hi! I'm Jeff Bartels. Welcome to Autocad Tutorials For Beginners . In this title we'll explore how AutoCAD helps us transition our designs from concept to construction. We'll start by looking at plotting. Whether you're creating a quick worksheet or a formal exhibit, I'll show you how you can easily create hard copies of your drawings that are printed to a measurable scale. Next, we'll learn how to tie our annotations to the plot scale. In the event the drawing is printed to a scale other than 1:1, AutoCAD's annotative property will ensure that text, dimensions, and callouts are properly sized on the printed sheet. We'll also explore how to share our drawings with others, even if they're not using the same CAD program as we are. Along the way, we'll look at the DWF file format. Using DWFs your clients can view and mark up your drawings without needing any CAD package at all. Finally, I'll give you an opportunity to take the skills you've learned in this title and apply Autocad Tutorials to a small project.

Autocad Tutorials For Beginners include:

Creating single-line text
Justifying text
Controlling appearance with styles
Creating bulleted and numbered lists
Annotating with multiline text
Correcting spelling errors
Creating continuous and baseline dimensions
Creating and modifying multileaders

Unpack, burn or mount and enjoy




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