Setting Up a Drawing in Autocad 2012

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When you draw lines of a precise length in AutoCAD 2012 PDF, you use one of five kinds of linear units. Angular units can also be any of five types. The combination you choose will largely depend on the type of drawings you plan to prepare. We’ll discuss each of these linear and angular units at the end of this chapter, but for now let’s focus on getting ready to begin drawing our cabin. When you first start a new drawing, AutoCAD 2012 displays a blank drawing called Drawing #.dwg. By default the linear and angular units inside this drawing are set to decimal numbers. The units and other basic setup parameters applied to this new drawing are based on a prototype drawing with default settings — including those for the units.

This Part covers some of the tools for changing the basic parameters of a new drawing so that you can tailor it to the cabin project or for your own project. Begin by setting up new units: 1. With AutoCAD 2012 running, close all drawings and then click the New button (on the Quick Access toolbar) to start a new drawing. In the Select Template dialog box, click the arrow to the right of the Open button and select Open With No Template – Imperial (see Figure 3.1) or Open With No Template – Metric, depending on your preference.

To get started with the steps in this chapter, check to be sure each of the status bar buttons except Dynamic Input are clicked to the off position — that is, they appear unpushed and with a gray background. Also
make sure you are in model space by clicking the Quick View Layouts ➢

The view changes and there are more grid lines in a denser configuration You may need to zoom twice to see the effect. Move the crosshair cursor to the lower-left corner of the grid, and then move it to the upper-right corner.

 Notice that the coordinate readout in the lower left of your screen now shows a large negative number for
the lower-left corner and a larger positive number for the upper-right corner. You’re displaying a greater amount of space in the drawing area. A closer inspection of the grid will reveal one vertical line colored green
and a horizontal line colored red. Where these lines intersect represents the origin, or 0,0 point inside your drawing. Any point above the red line and to the right of the green line will have a positive coordinate value.


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