How to create block in Autocad 2012

Posted by Kity Mity On Tuesday, April 10, 2012 1 comments
In this autocad tutorial you will learn how to create drawing block. What is drawing block? Block is a group of object in your drawing. For example engineer might need to reuse bolt at many places, if he draw the hex blot every time he need it than it not a productive way to work. Block is the best way to reuse every hex bolt he need.
1. Draw the hexagon bolt first from this tutorial.
Autocad 2012 create block
2. Click at the bulb on DIM layer to turn it off.
Autocad 2012 create block
Autocad 2012 create block
3. Select the top view of the hexagon bolt.
4. Click Create from Block Ribbon,
Block Definition pop up and fill block name.
5. Specify base point of the block, click Pick point box.
click at the center of the hex bolt as base point of insertion.
Click OK.
6. Your block creation is done, how to use it?
Click Insert, autocad-tutorial-insert-block
Select the block from the list, click OK.
Click on the drawing to insert the block.


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